Bristol Herald Courier – Bold Face Evil

The Bristol Herald Courier, also known as, is our local newspaper here in Bristol, TN and they’re well known, as most others are as well, for their devout liberal spin (propaganda) they force into our community.  Disguised as a news “source”, they twist every story to make sure the politics in our town, remain decidedly liberal.  As has been defined here on this site, liberalism is pure evil.  At it’s heart is killing children and the elderly.  That’s the ultimate goal of any liberal.  This author is not saying this to come across as hateful, just stating the obvious.  All liberals vote the way the do so they can perpetuate their promotion of infanticide through abortion, drugs, or any number of excuses to harm or kill a child.  This makes the Bristol Herald Courier a particularly hateful organization, with blood on their hands.  Case in point, in a recent article dated April 24, 2013, the BHC published an article by a “Suzanne White”.  Now clearly Suzanne White is a devout liberal and has a clear hatred for anything good in our town.  Good being anything Christian, pro-life or pro-American.  While her (if this is even a real person, probably not) message is meant to look as though she wants to bring the town of Bristol, TN into a kumbaya, hand holding, moment of peace and love, her real intent is to get the devout, pro-abort, liberal city council politicians re-elected once again.  Her focus, of course, was on David Shumaker, Joel Staton and Margaret Feierabend.  These three have been clearly identified as the devoutly liberal, hateful, pro-abortion, and obama sycophants here on this website.  However, the BHC and Suzanne White want you to believe that they’re the kind and gentle souls that have made Bristol, TN flourish with goodwill and love for all.

Well the truth is easy to see, and we can take Suzanne White and the Bristol Herald Courier to task in many many examples.  Here’s just one example of how kind and benevolent (sarcasm) David Shumaker, Joel Staton and Margaret Feierabend have been to this town.  During the June 4th 2013 city council meeting, a citizen stood up to profess that she opposed plans to close the local Avoca Library branch.  She stated that this same discussion took place 12 years ago, and she was shocked to see that the city council was visiting this issue again.  This Bristol citizen was a volunteer at the library and of course, she does so out of the love she has for her community, and clearly had personal knowledge of how “unfriendly” the city council is to this library branch.  Another citizen stood up and discussed closing the abortion clinic, head shops, sex shops and strip clubs, instead of the library.  The reduction in crime alone would more than make up for any funds needed to maintain this small Avoca Library branch.  Besides, if a woman needs an abortion, as a society, we have clearly failed her.  What’s worse, the Bristol, TN city council has given $$ millions to the local abortion clinic through various “non-profits” in our region.  Non-profits such as Believe in Bristol (Virginia non-profit), United Way Virginia and many many more.  Both of the aformentioned “non-profits” were present, and spoke, at the June 4th city council meeting.  All of this discussion was being held because in addition to closing the Avoca Library, property taxes are being raised to support even more liberal programs.

After watching all this unfold at the city council meeting, the city council unanimously moved forward to vote on raising taxes and shutting down the Avoca Library branch.  To say the least, nothing short of what everyone expected.  Now in this day and age of the internet, there is no such thing as privacy, only ignorance due to laziness.  It is downright easy to find the funds we need to keep the library open, but this city council seems hell bent to make sure our Bristol, TN tax dollars end up in the hands of Virginia non-profits, the abortion clinic, sex shops and head shops.  It is time for Bristol, TN citizens to wake up and start pointing fingers and running these non-profits out of our town.  In the Bristol, TN annual financial report of 2012, we can clearly see figures well into the six digits (!!!) going into the hands of Virginia non-profits!  To use the words of a fellow Bristol resident, “unconscionable”!

What is our city council and the Bristol Herald Courier trying to say?  It’s clear they want the library closed, it’s clear they’re going to give many thousands to Virginia non-profits.  It’s clear that these non-profits will use this money to support our local abortion clinic, and push our city council for more “freedoms”, as the liberals like to call it.  More “freedoms” such as abortion, drugs, sex and of course, all the violence that comes with it.  It’s clear that the Bristol, TN city council wants our children to know that it’s OK for your parents to kill their children, but it’s not OK for a child to visit our public library to get an education and have a future.

One gentlemen at the city council meeting put it as plainly as can be stated, “We don’t have a budget problem, we have a morality problem.”  The Bristol Herald Courier is complicit in these actions and they fully support the abortion, drugs and violence that our city council promotes through their votes.  This can be plainly seen in their “Letter to the editor.”  The obvious promotion of the most devout liberals on our city council is purposeful, intentional and reprehensible.  So the next time you see a Bristol Herald Courier stand setup in your local Food City, be sure to give them a piece of your mind for intentionally promoting the hatred and violence that is cultivated by our city council.

The information found on this page came directly from the sources cited, as you’ll discover when you click on the links above.  Most likely, this information will be taken down, and then the Bristol Herald Courier will demand that this story be changed or removed.  Fortunately, this specific blog is archived on the internet on a daily basis.  So when the Bristol Herald Courier tries to force their hand, we’ll be sure to document it here, in the public eye, and back up our claims with the archived information.  Don’t you just love technology!

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3 responses to “Bristol Herald Courier – Bold Face Evil

  1. This blog was most laughable bunch of hogwash I’ve seen all day. You have a lot of nerve spouting about propaganda after saying things like “Liberalism is pure evil. At it’s heart is killing children and the elderly. That’s the ultimate goal of any liberal.” I have fairly liberal leanings and I can tell you the murder of babies and old people is not my ultimate goal.. at best, it’s like #4 on the list. “Another citizen stood up and discussed closing the abortion clinic, head shops, sex shops and strip clubs, instead of the library.” was pretty absurd, too. I’d be willing to bet that that ‘tobacco users’ with nothing to smoke their ‘tobacco’ in, sexually frustrated people with no outlets, and women being forced to bare unwanted children would lead to an increase in crime.. but I can see how someone with their head so far embedded in their own anus might get that twisted.

    • Wow…”unwanted children” would lead to an increase in crime. I wish my crystal ball worked that well. Yes liberals ar pro-abortion and pro-euthenasia. They always fall on the side of death. Liberalism is an inherently evil ideology.

    • Thank you Amie. I think your post exemplifies the hateful attitude of the Bristol, TN city council. Just to be clear, because you’re bold face lying, the head shops sell to dopers, not tobacco smokers. The sex shops and the strip clubs are for cowards and losers that can’t respect women. And they have plenty of outlets at home, we don’t need an infrastructure of businesses to aid them in their deadbeat lifestyle choice. As for your own personal liberal leanings, well, your lies tell everything we need to know about your character. You obviously voted for obama, so you obviously want babies to die. That’s why you voted for him in the first place.

      I want to thank you for posting your hateful vitriol. As you are clearly a devout liberal, you’re doing me, and this blog a favor by demonstrating how you seek to promote cowardice and death by denigrating good people that support this town, versus your kind, which has intentionally sought the ruin of this town. You and your hateful ways are why the schools are crumbling, literally, the Bristol Industrial Park is empty, the abortion doctor has killed at least as many babies as the entire population of our city, and our debt has now officially reached 8 figures (that’s $10,000,000+).

      All of this is intentional, and it’s going to stop. Thankfully, that will be soon. Thank you for contributing. Now stop reading blogs and go get a job. I’m tired of paying for your Tenn Care and all the other welfare programs your abusing. Better yet, move out of town because we the business owners and taxpayers, don’t want your kind here in Bristol, TN in the first place.

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